Overlooking the 6th green at Vila Sol Golf & Resort, Moon is placed to give its clients the best atmosphere possible.

Our characteristically rudimental and harmonious restaurant, is now set with the presence of a vibrant aquarium, our dining room into a unique, modern arrangement brought whole with a sophisticated, neutral toned outline and a new lighting concept designed by the artist Bybeau.

In the evenings, our outdoor dining area and lounge are lit by a gorgeous sunset trailing off over the golf course’s greenery. Our outdoor lounge will leave you with the full experience through a complete cocktail menu carefully prepared by our bartenders. 

For dinners, we have our charismatic, luxuriant dinning room extended out to a garden; where, in the hot summer nights, you will be able to enjoy a superb dining experience.


Moon is versatile and features an extensive range of services, from romantic dinners, family or friend gatherings, parties, and much more.